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Australia’s Liberal Government trims science and cities

Posted by Davina Jackson on 30 Nov 2013

Australia's new Liberal-National Government has disbanded the Climate Commission and major cities agency, rolled back the carbon tax and National Broadband Network, blocked additional funds to public schools (as recommended in the pre-election Gonski Report), has not named a specific Minister for Science and did not formally attend the United Nations' 2013 climate change conference. These moves appear to undermine key potentials of the Virtual Australia vision – which is likely to also delay Read More

Data Cube: GA crunches Landsat tiles in time stacks

Posted by Davina Jackson on 11 Nov 2013

Geoscience Australia is testing a new system for analysing and visualising massive datasets linked to stacks of 'time slice' Landsat images. The Australian Geoscience Space-Time Data Cube was promoted at a recent European Earth observation strategy workshop as 'a new paradigm for managing and using environmental data'. The concept is to 'cube' datasets by stacking Landsat image 'tiles' in time sequences covering the same area of ground. It's like a geographic version of the Time Machine Read More

Christchurch senses public technology solutions

Posted by Davina Jackson on 31 Oct 2013

Christchurch's new Sensing City group is working with international research laboratories to test several small mass-market monitoring devices to help solve environmental and community challenges. The trials are helping to pioneer an emerging public sector strategy known as crowdsourcing or volunteered geographic information. VGI is proving helpful for government agencies tackling public emergencies, and is included in international policies for developing national and global spatial data infrastructure Read More

Canterbury is the test bed for NZ’s spatial data infrastructure

Posted by Davina Jackson on 18 Oct 2013

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) has chosen the Canterbury earthquake recovery area to prototype a potentially national spatial data infrastructure (SDI) system that could provide online access to public data, mobile applications to improve everyday life for many people, and enable contributions of GPS-enabled, real-time, information from 'citizen reporters and scientists' using social networking apps like Twitter. For example, LINZ's technical lead for the Canterbury SDI project, Byron Cochrane, Read More

Annual State of Australian Cities report now has online stats maps

Posted by Davina Jackson on 21 Aug 2013

Interactive online maps have been introduced to dynamically illustrate statistics in the fourth annual State of Australian Cities (2013) report. This is a key advance in Australia's development of a national spatial data infrastructure (NSDI) system, which ultimately could provide publicly available 3D video-imaging of census and other government-relevant statistics. Compiled by the major cities unit of the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Transport since 2010, the cities report Read More

Global suppliers suggest a digital network for Sydney

Posted by Davina Jackson on 21 Aug 2013

Business development think-tank The Committee for Sydney has launched a suite of ideas to encourage government and community investment in digital communications for 'Australia's only global city'. Committee chair Lucy Hughes Turnbull claimed 'we need to increase Sydney's metropolitan IQ' ... to manage the challenges of Greater Sydney (beyond local government boundaries and electorate politics). The committee's second issues paper, we the city: Collaborating to Compete in the Digital Era, claims Read More