Posted by Davina Jackson on 23 Feb 2013

Australia’s urban researchers need an open-source, online system for 3D modelling of socio-economic data via improved integrations of GIS (currently often 2D) land mapping with BIM and CAD volume models.

AURIN volume report 2012 coverSydney urban modelling expert Dr Jack Barton made this claim in a 2012 study commissioned by the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN) at the University of Melbourne. His paper proposes how to move urban research imagery from 2D mapping to 3D representations of geo-tagged information.

Barton said volumetric modelling ‘increases the fidelity and reliability of information and increases the potential for interactivity — both technically and experientially.’

Earlier AURIN technical reports proposed a federated system of data to be managed by its legal custodians and accessible to online users via a ‘lab in a portal’ system. In his follow-up paper, Barton suggested that AURIN should use existing open-source software wherever possible and allow providers to both contribute data and set secure access rights. He said the system should operate effectively on any device.

The Barton report includes a comprehensive summary of current geospatial modelling systems and standards that are also relevant to modelling non-urban environments for the Virtual ANZ vision. AURIN:Barton Volume Study 2012