Posted by Davina Jackson on 20 Mar 2013

Australia’s first public conference promoting the Virtual Australia and New Zealand vision has a full slate of significant speakers from government, private sector and research organisations.

To be held at the Australian Technology Park in Redfern, NSW, on 13-14 May 2013, the VANZI conference was initiated by Melbourne-based VANZI Ltd and is being organised by Sydney conference producer ABC Events – which had planned a Spatial Data Cities conference at ATP in mid-April. (This event strongly emphasises spatial data cities themes.)

Registrations are open: event website.

Guest speakers include Helen Owens, general manager of the Australian Government’s Office of Space Policy; Dorte Eklund, executive director of the major cities unit at the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Transport, and John Hudson, Director of Sustainable Systems at the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure. Speaking from the New Zealand Government is Simon Lloyd-Evans,  CIO of the building and housing group at NZ’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

The conference initiator, VANZI CEO Michael Haines, said it will promote integration of 3D spatial and 3D building information modelling to develop a ‘virtual infrastructure’ that would be used by property professionals, owners, lessees, utilities and infrastructure operators. VANZI also is helping to develop a legal framework for virtual models of real-world property assets.

This event follows several earlier invitation-only workshops to promote the VANZI vision to stakeholders in Melbourne and Sydney.

It is the first VANZI event to emphasise building and infrastructure modelling, property law frameworks and Big Data. Earlier events led by Michael Haines had highlighted the relevance of his vision to the logistics and utilities sectors. However major freight companies recently clarified they are unwilling to make their datasets publicly available.