Posted by Davina Jackson on 15 Mar 2013

Australia’s Defence Systems Innovation Centre (DSIC) is bidding to establish a new Co-operative Research Centre called Data to Decisions (CRC D2D).

Established three years ago in Adelaide, DSIC is seeking corporate partners – including a cluster of small to medium enterprises to operate together as a trust – to support its Commonwealth funding bid in the next round  of CRC applications (June 2013).

The CRC would involve researchers from the University of South Australia, University of New South Wales, Adelaide University and Deakin University, and will collaborate with the Defence Science Technology Organisation, Carnegie Mellon University (USA) and NICTA.

Its mission is to create and commercialise new online systems that rapidly crunch data to help solve defence and national security challenges.

One goal is to help educate a new breed of ‘data scientists’ – both ‘miners’ who could analyse and explain raw information and images and ‘strategists’ who could develop valuable new policies informed by the data analysis.

Sanjay Mazundar, CEO of the Defence Systems Intelligence Centre.

Sanjay Mazundar, DSIC CEO.

DSIC’s CEO, Dr Sanjay Mazundar – who also is the interim CEO for the CRC D2D bid – said the defence and national security community is confronted with the most complex and imminent Big Data challenges – so is at the front line in developing technologies and processes that could be transferred to other sectors and industries.

‘With Big Data, we’re seeking a needle in a haystack when the haystack is growing at a phenomenal rate.’ he said. ‘We believe the time is right to bring together industry, academia and the defence and national security community to start to solve this national challenge.’