Posted by Davina Jackson on 23 Aug 2014

tim horton

Tim Horton, leading Simulation Australia’s new architecture and urbanism group.

New geospatial ‘special interest groups’ (SIGs) are being launched by several Australian industry organisations.

Simulation Australia, generally promoting simulation expertise relevant to the defence, aerospace, transport and health sectors, will this week launch a new SIG for architecture and urbanism. It is intended to attract building and city modelling experts who have not got a critical mass at existing professional institutes for architecture and urban planning. Engineers Australia and the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN) are co-operating with SimAU on this venture, which is being led by NSW Registrar of Architects Tim Horton. This SIG will be announced at the architecture and urbanism workshop during Sim AU’s SimTect conference in Adelaide this week (26 and 27 August 2014). Also relevant is the Victorian Master Builders’ Building Leadership Simulation Centre, an advanced ‘virtual construction’ training facility launched in Melbourne in August 2012.

—The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA, including most global digital corporations) now has 45 members registered with its geospatial SIG. It was formed last year by leaders of the Commonwealth government’s data processing and sales company, PSMA Ltd, and is being managed by Ross Caldow.  The SIG chair, Olaf Hedberg, says its main goal is to ‘bring the benefits of spatial data and systems to business’ and that geospatial technologies are relevant to every one of the AIIA’s other 21 SIGs.

—The Spatial Information Business Association (SIBA) has ‘adopted’ VANZI, a Melbourne-based company intended to ‘broker the framework for the digital built environment’ and ‘support development of a 3D model of Australia and New Zealand’. Established in 2011 by logistics businessman Michael Haines with support from the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information, VANZI later linked with AU leaders of BuildingSMART, the international modelling software interoperability standards group, with both leading the second joint conference in Sydney 15 and 16 September 2014. Now backed by SIBA’s Queensland CEO, Richard Simpson, VANZI will become a new ‘knowledge information community’ promoting building and 3D cadastre modelling, with emphasis on regulations. More here.